Volunteer Info and fees details Mana Rishikesh

Mana Rishikesh is looking for idealistic and competent people willing to give up some of their time to do something positive for the children of Himalayas. In the process of contributing to their educational needs, you are likely to find that your own need for self-development is met. Most of our volunteers have an amazing, life-enhancing experience.


Most, but not all, of our volunteers serve as classroom teachers. The greatest need is for teachers of English as a foreign language (TEFL). If you don't have any experience in this field, don't worry. You can share your any skill with our children.

Other subjects needing assistance from our volunteers include Maths, Science and IT.

In addition to teachers, we are looking for medical staff: doctors, dentists and nurses for a clinic in the western region of Uttrakhand.

Life changing experience

Living and teaching in a remote Himalayan community is not for everyone, and is certainly not something to be taken on lightly. In deciding whether or not you should volunteer, you should carefully consider the following facts, and ask yourself whether you could cope:

A typical homestay family

  You may be living with a Himalayan family. This will be an experience of a lifetime, and you are likely to make friendships that you will treasure for the rest of your life. However, you must be willing to share much of your life with other members of the household. Can you cope with the lack of privacy?

  Your family and colleagues are likely to adhere to values that may seem ridiculous or excessively strict to a westerner. For example, corporal punishment is a common way of chastising children both in the home and the school. Also, views on the role of women will seem very old-fashioned. This could affect the way they relate to female volunteers. Can you live with people whose values and beliefs you may disagree with.Religious families may look askance at the drinking of alcohol, and no homestay family can be expected to approve of a volunteer using recreational drugs. Can you live without these things?

  You may be the only westerner in the village. This will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to immerse yourself in a new culture, but could you cope without any of the familiar props of your own culture?

  The community you will be living in will be a poor one, and you may be a long way from a major town. Many of the things you consider to be essentials (e.g. shampoo, and possibly toothpaste) are luxuries in the Himalayas, and are not likely to be available in your village. You will need to take such items with you.

  Life in your accommodation may be basic and possibly uncomfortable. Toilet facilities are likely to be in an out-house, and you may need to wash at a communal tap.

  The terrain is, naturally, mountainous and you may need to walk long distances. You must therefore be fit.

  Medical facilities are not as well-resourced in the Himalayas as in the West. It is essential that you declare any outstanding medical conditions that may affect your well-being. Do not consider applying if you have an on-going heart condition.

  The typical Himalayan diet is basic and monotonous, typically consisting of rice, lentils and vegetable curry. It is healthy, but it is not haute cuisine!

  Some of your fellow teachers may see you as a threat, particularly if they teach English or use English to teach their subject. After all, your English is likely to be better than theirs. They may even be reluctant to talk to you, for fear of making a fool of themselves. You will need to work out a way of reassuring them that you are there to supplement their work, not to replace them.

Is this you?

It follows that, in addition to having a useful skill, the qualities you will need to make a useful contribution to your school are: resilience and adaptability, an open mind and an interest in other cultures, good mental and physical health, and tact and diplomacy.

Because these opportunities are best suited to mature people, our volunteers are likely to be (but not exclusively) from one of the following categories:

  Working people taking a career break.
  Retired people who are not yet ready to put their feet up!
  Graduates wanting to have an adventure before starting their careers.
  Students aged at least 19.

If you are still reading this, and feel you have what it takes, please read on!.

The Recruitment Process

  Shortly after we receive your on-line application (see below), we will phone you so that we can find out more about each other, and decide together whether volunteering with ManaRishikesh will be in your best interests, and in the interests of the Himalayan community.

  If both you and we decide to proceed with your application, we will then contact you and confirm your placement.

Your Commitments

Volunteer teachers must be able to commit themselves to an attachment of 8 weeks (an exception can be made for practising teachers who are fitting their volunteering into their summer vacation). Medical volunteers are accepted for a minimum period of three weeks.All volunteers need to be able to meet all their expenses. The school or clinic will provide accommodation and all meals.

The Cost of the Programme Includes:

  A fee payable to ManaRishikesh to cover your placement, pre-departure briefing materials and advice, as well as the services of a local ManaRishikesh representative and our administration expenses. Receipt of this fee secures your placement.
  A monthly payment to your host family for board and accommodation.

Administration Fee

  Administration fee : USD 90 (USD 180 per couple).
  Monthly payment for full board and accommodation
       For Rishikesh $15 Per day per person
       For Villages $20 Per day per person
Please note that no-one is exempt from the payment of the above-mentioned fees, and there are no paid positions in Mana Rishikesh

In Addition to our fees, you will need to meet the following costs:

  International and domestic airfares
  Every day expenses such as snacks/drinks/email.
  Medical/Evacuation Insurance