Jitender - Director and Founder

Jitender spent five years as a Wahoe volunteer in Delhi,based in the Delhi office, and has made many visits to the Himalayas since then.
Since his subsequent career was in online manager,he decided,that the way in which he could best make a contribution to the people of the Himalayas, who mean so much to him, was by establishing an organisation that would channel resources, both human and financial, directly to schools.Working on line long years in Wahoe, Jitender is now taking a back seat, but remains as a Director, still retaining responsibility for the accounts, and acting as a co-ordinator for Wahoe.
Jitender has something for everyone, particularly for those of you thinking of visiting the Himalayas as tourists or volunteers, who want to know more about the cultures and religion in Himalaya region.


She is Jasleen, wife of Jitender.She manages all accounts related to manarishikesh organisation.She is very good cook and expert in making all kind of different confectionery.She is kind hearted and very hospitable.